08 July 2013

F*ck the "poor."

Yes, as a formerly-homeless person, I can say that.

Nicki can say it, too.  Both of us are the voices of experience.

That’s what my tax dollars are paying for, and by all accounts, the problem is getting worse, not better!

My parents worked menial jobs, and they worked hard until they knew enough English to improve their lot. We moved to a better apartment – this one without roaches – but I still wore clothing from other people’s trash, and I still didn’t know what a donut was.

And guess what! We made it! Without dependence on the state, and without handouts.

Outside of parental/caregiver neglect or anorexia, find me one person who's starved to death in America in the last 50-75 years.


"Poor," my ass.  Americans today don't know the meaning of the word.


  1. Necessity used to be the mother of invention. Now she's the whore of learned helplessness and welfare.

  2. Amen, Wraith. and Velcro, that is a quotable quote you've got there. May have to borrow it sometime.


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