17 September 2010

Breaking News--Top Secret Leftist Communique Intercepted!!

My fellow Americans, I give you...the dissection of a "Concern Troll."


Today's lesson will be on creating a "Concern Troll" post, to be used in the comments of various blogs and websites. Example A is below in blue, tutorial commentary in red.

Anonymous said...

Never give the target a backlink to any of your various pages and/or profiles. If they discover information about you, they may get wise.
Love the post. Great work !
Start with flattery. This catches the target off guard and makes them feel like a jerk if they disagree with you.
Question: I see you like Palin.
Find likely targets through a simple word search of the names of our foremost adversaries: Palin, Beck, Wilkow, Hannity and so on. When you find any reference to a prominent conservative, you have acquired your target. Don't worry if the target only mentioned our adversary in passing--any reference can start a CT if you gently steer the comment into the next phase.
Have you considered she's not what she appears to be ? Bitter experience tells me so:
This is the classic two-part hook. The first sentence is subtle...just planting a seed of doubt in the target's mind. The second is meant to evoke the target's empathy, since--thanks to our efforts--all conservatives can identify with bitter disappointment in a political figure.
I'm a Patriot in Texas - and she came in here & endorsed in the primary for our governorship - the Ken Doll fraud in Austin, Rick Perry, instead of Debra Medina.

This was probably NOT clear to non-Texans, so I'm carefully giving you some details likely missed by many outside the state.

Debra was the genuine TEA party candidate. She ran Ron Paul's 2008 campaign in SE Texas.

This is where the hook begins to be set. Remember, you're a Patriot! Just like your target! Now, you carefully begin pointing out some real or imagined bit of hypocrisy or non-conservative behavior on the part of the prominent conservative. Make sure you make it clear that whatever s/he did went against the teabaggers. If possible, throw in a disagreement with Ron Paul.
Debra Median is a real deal small business owner, who is conversant in Liberty, the Founding Fathers & all that is wrong with the RHINO's & Decepticons (great term, love it).

She was profoundly deserving of support. On youtube you can see the debate sponsored by 'Belo Media' in Dallas where she trounces Kay Bailey Hutchinson & Perry. They're taking shots at each other, while Debra is talking Principle.

Rick Perry wins the Benedict award - he's a Big government Neo-Con, the very embodiment of 'RHINO'.

In this example, notice how the operative plays up all the great conservative principles and qualities that Palin passed over. And observe the bonus references to Liberty(capitalized! Remember, you're a PATRIOT!), the Founding Fathers and RINOs. Our operative deliberately misspells it "RHINO" since the occasional typo lends an air of authenticity. The final touch here is another small helping of flattery. Remember, your target will be loath to delete comments that build him/her up!
Yet Sarah Palin aided the establishment in pulling the rug out from under Debra in the GOP primary.
Now, take a mild swing at the conservative icon. Make sure you link them in some way to the establishment...this will likely engender a Pavlovian response in your target. If there's one thing teabaggers hate, it's the establishment.
It all makes sense - Rick Perry is being groomed by the RHINO establishment for Top Dog.

Perry has screwed Texas - now he's qualified to screw America.

No matter how obscure the 'RINO' candidate is, make it sound like s/he is just a step from the Presidency in 2012.
I just want you to consider this.
Reassure the target. You don't WANT to cast aspersions on anyone...you're just looking out for America!

I think Palin has her feet in both camps - and she's lost the trust of most Texas TEA partiers (the ones who are paying attention, anyway).
Remember, a proper CT will never directly make an accusation against the conservative icon. Notice the careful addition of "I think..." Also, it helps to imply that anyone who trusts the conservative icon is simply "not paying attention." If there's one thing teabaggers and other activists pride themselves on, it's being "on guard for the Republic" or other such amusing concepts.
At the very least, she unwisely let herself be used by the elites, assuming that any rancor her Texas body slam to the TEA party patriots would go un-noticed nationwide, NOT !!!!

After all look at her pristine image....

As we approach the end of our exercise, notice the fine line our operative is treading. Even given the so-called benefit of the doubt, Palin is portrayed as both unwise enough to be used AND simultaneously cynical enough to know what she was doing with the intent to hide behind her "pristine image." Remember, snark must be used in moderation.
Great blog, keep your powder dry !
Add a last touch of flattery, coupled with a saying that evokes guns, god, America or whatever form of patriotic nonsense your target is most likely to respond to.
Samuel Adams, Jr.
To give the illusion of non-anonymity, sign with a name taken from the Founding Fathers, like "Sam Adams Jr." or "Paul Revere III." Study this example thoroughly and carefully. Remember, a Concern Troll is only as good as your acting ability.


Let's get something straight.  I have no problem with healthy debate.  I don't mind if you disagree with me or Governor Palin.  Hell, I disagree with her on a few of her positions and endorsements.  But this type of underhanded, backdoor character assassination is hereby and forever verboten on my blog.  If you're a little slow, I'll demonstrate the difference:
Wow.  Governor Palin supported X.  That really seems out of character for her.  I wonder why she did that?

Man, how could Sarah Palin support X?  I'm really disappointed.

I'm pissed!  I can't believe Palin supported that X!
That's disagreement and debate.

Did you know Sarah Palin supported X?  Guess she thought she could put that by us.
That's character assassination.  If you still can't tell the difference, then just consider the discussion of Sarah Palin off limits to you around these parts.  Over the past two years, I've seen, read, watched and heard all the anti-Palin propaganda I can stomach, and I won't have it here.  Comments like that will be nuked on sight, and if I have to, I'll enable moderation.

Cry all you want about "free speech," call me a censor, or a Nazi, or any nasty name you can come up with--I don't give a damn.  My house, my rules.

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