05 April 2011

Ayn Rand vs. Mike Wallace...

...plus other commentary.  I was just going to link the video, but Brian has quite a bit to say here that's worth reading.

In 10 days, the movie, "Atlas Shrugged" will be released. It has had an awful history. A history delayed perhaps in some cosmic coincidence that mandated the arrival of "Atlas Shrugged" to a world filled with dystopians who no longer read and who are barely capable of comprehending the subject matter in the manner in which it will be presented. The dystopians who don't understand this movie- are the ones who have made it possible.

RTWT, and watch the seven-minute clip of Rand giving the young Leftist a verbal spanking.  Worth it.


  1. thanks for sharing that. I'm listening to the full interview now. It's from 1959. Sheesh she knew where we were headed.

    I read Fountainhead in my youth but didn't fancy it enough to read Atlas Shrugged, but I'm finally rectifying that error in judgment. (Heinlein influenced me more, for whatever reason).


  2. Heinlein is one of the greatest authors of all time. Like EVER.

    You have some great taste in books, lady! :D


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