04 April 2011


Yep...I was down with Ann Barnhardt when being down with Ann wasn't cool.  Seems like our favorite badass is going viral in a major way...deservedly so.

I've never burned a book before.  I was always dead set against the whole concept, and it still kinda makes me queasy.  I understand that you can't really kill an idea, and I accept that other people may wish to burn books or flags as an act of protest, but, personally, I don't know if I could burn any book myself...under current conditions.

But the second they make it illegal in any way to burn a Qur'an, I'll be building one mother of a literary bonfire on the front patio.  When free speech becomes a crime, then I will become an unrepentant outlaw.  The price of liberty includes being offended on occasion, and anyone who cannot cope with that in a non-violent manner needs to grow up and learn to act like a civilized adult.

In other words, put on your big-girl burqas and deal with it.  America will not adopt shari'a, will not submit to Islam(or any religion), and will not cower in fear of the temper tantrums of a bunch of barbarians.  Not as long as I draw breath.

And you can take that to the bank.

UPDATE:  Speaking of laying it out on the table, go check out Mr. Karl Denninger's commentary on the matter.

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