05 April 2011

It's time for Sarah Palin.

Courtesy of MotivationTruth, we find another person hoping to swear in President Palin in 2013.

I am not a political expert. In fact, in the eyes of many of your critics, I am nobody; just a slightly right of center, average American citizen. In other words, Sarah, I am typical of the millions upon millions of citizens of America who believe in you, as you believe in us. You believe we are somebody; that is why I appeal to you.

Liberals, media, and even many Republicans underestimated and misjudged Ronald Reagan. More importantly, they misjudged the American people. They thought a moderate candidate, or even a progressive, would reel us in with more "bread and circuses." They thought that after Carter, we would want change, but not too much. A true conservative, like Reagan, was not to their liking. The people saw it differently.

We loved every word that Ronald Reagan breathed. The "experts" were wrong about him, and about us. He helped us find hope in ourselves and encouraged faith. The change he sought was a return to principles and values that would lift us out of the haze so that we could see the horizon and pilot the ship on a straight and true course.

RTWT.  I'm not a political expert, either.  Just a guy who drives a truck(pretty well), writes a blog(badly), loves America and wants the best for her.  But it seems to me that the 'experts' have had their way pretty much since 1988.

Ask yourself where listening to the 'experts' has gotten us.

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