05 April 2011

Under Chuck Norris' beard...

...there is some thoughtful commentary on Gunwalker.  RTWT.

I'm not a law enforcement officer – I just played one on TV. But you don't have to be Walker, Texas Ranger, to understand that there are very good reasons that law enforcement agents, as a rule, do not allow guns to "walk" into the hands of criminals. And to their credit, numerous rank and file BATF agents understood this truism as well, objecting to the "Fast and Furious" operation from the get-go. Their superiors told them, "You have to break some eggs to make an omelet," and then apparently threatened the agents with career discipline if they continued their objections.


In the meantime, proponents of gun control – including the White House – should focus on bringing U.S. government agencies into compliance with our existing laws before pushing new restrictions on the rest of us.
This literary roundhouse kick brought to you by the good people at Sipsey Street.

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