24 April 2013

And they actually think they're intelligent.

Cold Fury dissects the tragicomic irony of so-called Proglodyte 'intelligence,' in particular regarding the Boston Atrocity.

And now we have the unappetizing spectacle of “liberal” idiots opining endlessly on TV and in op-eds everywhere about how utterly mystifying, how completely BAFFLING, how very nearly impossible it is for smart folks like them to discern the motives of the latest batch of Islamist killers to hit us.

Even after it’s been going on for more than thirty years. Even after they’ve told us themselves, again and again and again, in plain, direct language, what they intend to do to us and precisely why. When you think about it, it has to be pretty frustrating for the Muslims, not to be able to penetrate thick-as-a-brick “liberal” skulls with even the most pointed and stark language they can come up with.

Ignorance I can forgive, maybe, or at least partially overlook. This isn’t ignorance; it’s stupidity. Incandescent, blinding, brain-searing stupidity.

RTWT.  In the next post, I shall provide proof positive that Proglodytes(particularly the gun-grabbing variety)are dumber than house pets.

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