06 April 2013


And what happens when injustice becomes law? 

Here's one that many Law & Order types cling to when discussing 2A: All law-abiding Americans are entitled to 2A.

Most of us immediately red-flag that law-abiding part of the statement.

What laws must we abide to remain in good graces for retaining 2A? Does it mean that anyone who has commited "crimes" in the past, or served time, is no longer entitled to 2A? Does the guy smoking pot, or dealing pot or heroin surrender his 2A because dealing in pot or heroin is against the law? What about the poor slobs who have done 20 years for dealing pot, only to be released into a new America where it is now legalized? Is he still a criminal to be debarred 2A?

Good questions. 

It is said, "When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty."  And, as I've been saying for a while, when the government ignores the rule of law, then there is no law.  We live in a state of anarchy, folks...time to wake up and realize that.

So, having made that clear, what does the law have to do with our God-given human rights?

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