24 April 2013

Well, they won't have far to take me...

(HT Wirecutter)

UPDATE:  I've been mulling this over, and Google-Earthed it myself.  It's real.  It's there.

Now, the final part of Rev. Hopkins' video goes deep into the Book of Revelation, and while I can see some disturbing parallels, I'm not going to get into matters of faith here.  You either believe or you don't, and that's your decision.  God did give us free will, after all.

Also, I can't see if those are vehicles belonging to FEMA, DHS, FBI or MiB.  I still don't know how she reached that conclusion.  Not saying she's wrong, I just can't tell from this resolution. 

However, there are things here that should concern you.

First off, this is clearly a prison complex.  The perimeter roads, the cages, the layers of fencing, the inward-facing razor wire, the no-man's-land...it's a prison.  Google other complexes and you'll see the similarity.  It just can't be anything else.

Second, Rev. Hopkins is right:  I've looked over the Federal and State prison registries, and this place isn't on any of them.  Officially, it simply does not exist.  Yet, here it is.

Third, those pits.  Now, plenty of places have runoff pits.  You see them near rest areas, fuel stops, any place that might have hazardous spills that could contaminate the ground and groundwater.  But this doesn't explain these.  Runoff pits are right next door, not across the road.  And even the skankiest truckstop, let alone a prison facility, doesn't generate enough hazmat spillage to justify that huge conglomeration of holes in the ground.

Furthermore, runoff pits are lined with impermeable sheeting to keep the spills from contacting the environment, and they're gradually sloped.  These pits are fairly square-edged, and there's no evidence of any sort of liner.  These aren't runoff pits.  So...what are they for?

Fourth, the "killing field."  I can't come up with another explanation for it.  If anyone has better photos, or a theory that makes sense, I'm open to seeing it.

Yeah...this is Very Not Good.


  1. Pits look like cells for the 'stuff' that comes out of a sewage treatment plant, liquid and solid. I did not see any other infrastructure that looked like it would do the sewage management job, and they obviously aren't sending it to the nearest city's WWTP.

    If that 'prison' fills up with people (from whatever sources), there will be a lot of poo and other wastewater. Poo will need to compost or be buried and impermeable liners are required for either. Liquid 'blackwater' would be 'disposed of' in evaporation ponds (cheapest method). Unless they have a certified graywater system, the gray and black water would mingle and there would be a bunch -- kitchens, showers, toilets, etc.

    The only legal alternative for the solids is trucking it to a certified landfill. The 'pits' (called cells in the WWTP business)should be close to the facility to save $$ on infrastructure and to allow use of low flow showers, toilets and urinals.

    Our local WWTP has a large observation platform that allows views of most of the cells, in part to see if animals are getting in and also (believe it or not) for birdwatching. The WWTP operates using a man-made wetland which attracts a lot of shorebirds. It would take having a lot more people in the facility before enough wastewater would be available to get the wetlands started.

    Have you also searched for private prisons? Several years ago there was a move to build private prisons in AZ to reduce AZ costs and 'import' inmates from neighboring states to subsidize AZ's costs -- a prison industry concept. Not sure if it ever happened, but they were looking to put a 3000 bed unit in Cochise County for a while back in 2008 or 2009.

    Years before that, an unnamed 'they' were in Cochise County looking for a place for a contingency in case a 'border emergency' occurred. The 'emergency' was defined as a situation that resulted in many thousands of Mexicans crossing the border in a short time due to some issue down there. (Even more than in 2000-2005!) Each 'contingency' site was to accommodate 10,000 to 15,000 persons until repatriation was available. If this is a FEMA site, that scenario would fit within their mandate.

    Trying to be optimistic here...

  2. PS. Pits could also accommodate trash and garbage in lieu of trucking to another landfill.

  3. Your analysis does make sense, and I'm still looking into this. With Bing's Aerial View, the "guillotine" seems to actually be a small building, which could be an observation post or some form of pump station. So I'm a little less paranoid at the moment. I'll be travelling through the area in a few weeks, so I'll see what I can come up with from ground level.

    Still ain't sure why it's a secret, though...one would think no matter who runs or owns a prison, it's still gotta be on a registry of some sort. The search continues, and I'll be very happy if I find a non-Black-Helicopter explanation.


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