08 April 2013

Gun grabbers: Read if you dare.

"Why are you gun nuts so rabid about Common Sense Gun Control?  You're just a bunch of Bambi-killing, little-dicked honkies!  Why do you have such a problem with our proposals?"

Because THIS.

Today, as I write this, I realize how crucial the ability to defend oneself truly is. It’s not about having to justify myself to anyone in power anytime I want to purchase a certain weapon. It’s not about being registered like a common criminal simply because I want to own a gun. It’s not even about being called a “gun nut” or an “NRA freak.”

It’s about the slow, systematic destruction of dignity and strength. It’s about the methodical erosion of our personal defenses. And all of the above are definitive symptoms of that erosion.

For once you’ve taken away a person’s self-respect – once you’ve taken away a person’s dignity – it becomes all the easier to take away his or her means of self-defense. And once that’s gone – that’s the precise moment you know you’ve been completely defeated.

RTWT.  If you still don't get it, then there's simply no hope for you.

Not that I give a damn if you get it or not.  My God-given human rights are not up for debate, and woe betide those who would seek to violate them.

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