15 April 2013

Leftist Dormice

At Pass the Garum, the author is waxing eloquent about Roman culinary history.  I'm seeing a disturbing parallel here concerning those who wish to vote themselves Free Stuff...

5) Glirarium - The Dormouse Jar

You have this great house at the bottom of a jar. Even better, once a day a hand appears from the heavens and drops some acorns in at the top! You roll out of your cosy straw nest, stretch a bit, and then scamper up to the top of the jar to get some treats. Scampering is getting quite tough, as you're putting on a lot of weight, but that doesn't matter too much - you're living the dormouse dream. That kind, gift-giving hand starts to reach into the jar again. More treats already? Not this time - before you can say 'squeak' you've been scooped up, thrown into a pan, covered in honey, peppered with poppy seeds, and gobbled up by some wealthy senator. Your house, it turns out, was a glirarium, used solely to fatten up dormice for eating.

Welcome to the Glirarium, Proglodytes.  Enjoy your Free Stuff for the moment...

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