09 April 2013

Tragicomic irony

So many of the Left's useful idiots still think of themselves as "nonconformists."


An element of this society is stifling creativity. Limiting Freedom. And brainwashing the masses so they’ll toe whatever line is drawn for them. Folks are being trained to fear anyone who is different from the Mainstream Model™ put forth on the boob toob. Volumes of “laws” have been written to prevent anyone from straying outside the flock of sheep. They are trained to be afraid of anyone or anything outside The Box. They have been conditioned to run to nanny.gov whenever they are frightened. Self sufficiency has been virtually wiped out, and has in fact been demonized, being outside the “mainstream”. This has been going on for decades. “Political Correctness” was the last nail in Freedom’s coffin, don’t ya know?

It was the de facto end to our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech. It became the standard for silencing anyone for virtually any reason, the tool used by cowards who who don’t have the spine to confront someone directly over differences of opinion or conflict. Now we are actually under the steel toed boot of Orwell’s “Thought Police”, and are forced to censor ourselves if we know what’s “good” for us. Our continued existence as wage slaves within the system that is slowly consuming the very marrow from our bones.

There is no real support network for us “malcontents” in place as of yet, but there are buds sprouting here and there. The growth is painfully slow, however, but I suppose all evolution moves at a snail’s pace. I might live to see something new, or rather, something 237 years old come to fruition again. Something which has been lost for a hundred years and more. Really has been lost since the War of Northern Aggression.

I'm an ex-punk rocker.  Remember (and most of you probably don't) when punk was all about real nonconformity?  How it was like "Do whatever you want, just do it FUCKIN' LOUD!!"?  I'll tell you guys a story about The Most Punk Rock MF'er I Ever Knew in the next post.  It's relevant.  For now, just read the linked post and reflect upon it.

And, yes, NASCAR sucks balls for exactly the reasons specified.

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