20 April 2013

"Sister...you have a twin sister!"

Either we're all trapped in the Star Wars Universe Of Completely Improbable Coincidences or Erin has perfected some kind of Symbiotic Mind Meld and is expressing my attitude perfectly.  Reposted in full because this one's too good to let get away:

My "So-Called" Rights

From a comment on my previous post:
You know, I like most of what you post, and followed you even though I disagreed with you on your position on so-called "gun rights".
Oooh. Isn't that just delicious contempt ? It's so thick and creamy you could drizzle it on a pancake. I especially like the one-two punch of so-called and the scare quotes. They aren't rights, they're "rights". That's quality passive-aggression right there.

Here's what you fuckers need to know about me: I am not a nice person. Yes, I am geeky, and I like girly things like magical talking cartoon ponies. I even do generous things for people. This does not make me sweet and nice and kind.

Do not, for one second, assume that I give a shit about your disdain for me.

I do not need your permission to be who I am, and I do not seek your approval. I am not a placid doe-eyed submissive. I will spit in your face and laugh at your tiny penis, even as you try to rape me of my rights. And maybe you will succeed, but by God you will know you've been in a fight, because I'll have bitten off your ear and gouged out an eye and squeezed your testicles until they ruptured.

Because fuck you, that's why.

You fear me. You are scared of me and you want to weaken me, marginalize me, diminish me. You want me unable to defend myself and utterly at the mercy of men, so you seek to rob me of the great equalizer.

Here's the lovely thing about rights: They aren't up for a vote. That's why they're rights.

Let's put it another way:
  • your so-called "suffrage"
  • your so-called "emancipation"
  • your so-called "integration"
  • your so-called "religious freedom"
  • your so-called "freedom of speech"
  • your so-called "right to due process"

Are you offended yet? You should be. You should be screamingly furious that anyone would diminish these rights with the phrase "so-called". And yet my inalienable right to defend myself with the most effective means possible is threatened because one, ONE asshole out of 10 million law-abiding gun owners decided to commit a raft of crimes that another law would not have stopped.

You say "Gun control." I hear, "We want you to defend yourself against a man who is a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier with your bare hands."

You say "Common sense regulations." I hear, "We don't like these cosmetic features, like an adjustable stock or a foregrip, that make it easier for a woman to use."

You say, "If it saves just one life." I hear "Except yours, you stupid bitch. We'd rather you get raped and murdered while waiting for the police to arrive."

You say, "Think about the children." I hear "But not yours. We won't let you defend them, and if we find out you have a gun in the same house as a child, we'll take them both away."

You say, "Compromise." I say, "Fuck you, you mewling cowards. I will not embrace victimhood. I will not willingly disarm. If you demand I give up my life just to make you feel better, you are selfish on a level that is beyond comprehension."

Does this frighten you? Does my passion offend you? Have I somehow crossed beyond the pale, and forever lost the sublime privilege of your eyes reading my words?





I am me, and that is all the justification I will ever need. If you cannot stand that, go elsewhere. I won't censor myself for your benefit, and I won't allow your weakness to dictate what I do or say or write.

If you will not accept me as I am, you are not welcome here.

Now, kindly fuck off. The cool kids are going to talk about ponies, and role-playing games, and guns.
(BTW, if Disqus keeps ignoring my profile, locking up my browser and refusing to let me comment on my favorite bloggers' sites, I'll find the moron who designed that piece of crap, and make sure dread C'thulhu eats his soul only after consigning his pathetic mortal brain to a billion years of gibbering madness.)

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