06 May 2013


Here's a comment on an article that we ought to be taking lessons from:

With muslims making up only 4% of Myannmar’s (Burma’s) population, this level of Buddhist outrage is damningly conclusive as to how evil islam must be. Not only that, but it is damningly conclusive as to how stupid anybody else is, especially liberals, if they cannot see how muslims overwhelmingly cause more trouble, misery, murder, mayhem, and destruction upon this earth and it’s diverse peoples, creeds, and cultures. Only a thoroughly brainwashed or willfully blind idiot couldn’t see this. Everybody the world over it seems have troubles with muslims. Hmm, could it be because of islam’s supremacist nature? Hello? HELLO LEFTARDS!


Apparently, there is no greater a blithering idiot than a leftist blithering idiot, and one would be at great pains to find one. Not even uneducated, inbred muslims come close to that kind of stupid. A stupid born of academic arrogance, guilt-ridden self-hate, and hubristic snobbery.

Post-modern liberalism truly is a mental illness. If one wishes to see a perfect example of this in action, just look at Mikey Weinstein and his war against Christianity in the ranks of the US military. This man is the epitome of a left-wingnut, rabid extremist, hypocrite, and a projectionist prick, out to suppress the 1st Amendment rights of Christian servicemembers.

Go forth and read the article.  When you succeed in pissing off Buddhists, you're doing something dreadfully wrong.

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