20 May 2013

Don't read this.

Seriously...just don't.  If you ignore this warning, I'm not responsible for your nightmares.

Don't read any farther.  This is a whole new dimension of ugly.  Not responsible for emotional trauma or holes in the walls.

The 8-years-old girl whose story you’ll read in coming lines did not make it to the 2nd night of her wedding nor did she make it to her 9th or 10th birthday.


The mullah is in his late 50s and is the mosque guy of the village where this incident happened.
The mullah is already married and has many children too.

The two families hold a tribal meeting, agree on the price that the groom’s family pay to the bride’s family, and they set a date for wedding.

OK, last warning.  You risk your sanity.

After several tries that led him to failure to penetrate her vagina, the Mullah was frustrated.
He failed because the 8-years-old girl who was about to die was physically thin and had a very tight vagina opening.

DO NOT RTWT without a box of tissues and a punching bag handy.

Welcome to Islam, the Enlightened Religion of Peace.  Coming soon, if they have their way, to your neighborhood.  And you've just seen the lengths they'll go to, to have their way.


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