22 May 2013

Why we're not voting our way out of this

part 479,327,081...

What this basically means, is that both the left AND the right are trying to consolidate power for their own ends. The Republicans use it to line their own pockets and have an empire (based on military exploits) while the Democrats are using government to line their own pockets while mouthing the utopian platitudes.

We’ve delved into the no-mans’ land of total government control (remember George W. Bush signing the PATRIOT-USA act?), and whether you vote for the right or the left, you will NOT get your freedom back by merely voting on election day, because all of the “acceptable” candidates are pushing further and further left… on the above graph.

THIS is why nothing ever changes in Washington D.C., and only continues to get worse.

RTWT, long but worthwhile.  Still think 2014/2016/whatever matters a damn?

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  1. It doesn't matter which party gets in office anymore, the machine has run away with its self and none of them can control the outcome anymore.
    It's getting as bad as Old Russia where everyone is spying on everyone else, when Patraeus got his emails dug into you had to know the game is over.
    The media is completely useless and the police state is on steroids now.
    The President has no clue what the hell is going on around him and lies his ass off trying to cover his incompetence.

    Like I said, it is basically out of control now.

    Vote away bucko's, I have decided that I am not going to let them try and legitimize their bullshit on any ballot put in front of me.


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