15 May 2013

More on Publik Skool

From a guy I only agree with about 70% of the time, but when Captain Capitalism is on, he's ON:

If there is an example of how we abuse, enslave, and take advantage of our children, the United States' (and most other western nations') educational system is it. From the age of 5, we have our country's WORST people act like they're educating them, when in reality they are doing far worse.

At best they are baby sitting the tykes (thankfully taking those crying, liability-brats much-loved-children off of our hands, which is why very few parents ever complain). But worse they are typically (though not always) our most incompetent and lazy citizens looking for an easy "career." Too lazy to learn a skill or a trade, millions of worthless and lazy people declare "education" as a major not because they nobly care about the children, but like the idea of 3 months off, avoiding math at all costs, and being practically unfireable. But the absolute worst is the brainwashing that occurs by these despicable people. Indifferent about providing a genuine education to these children and preparing them for the real world, members of the education industry are first and foremost interested in brainwashing the little tykes into voting for future socialist causes, namely, more money for education, thereby guaranteeing their own financial futures.

However, the slavery is not merely relegated to K-12. Not by a long shot. There's still blood in those bodies that need to be sucked out and by god, we're going to get every drop.

Yep, that's exactly how it is.  RTWT, and if you see yourself in this post, it is your responsibility to correct the situation post haste.

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