18 May 2013

Get up, stand up!

Denninger gets to the core of the matter:

The bottom line is the same; your right to life only exists so long as you are willing and able to defend it.

The same bottom line exists for liberty and the offense against it that is delineated in most of the above list; you have such a right only so long as you are willing to defend it. The minute you cede that right you have consented to what you are experiencing and you lose the right to bitch about it until and unless you stand and take back that which God gave you.

This is basic logic and as soon as you cede basic logic you inevitably lose every other point of argument. In this case when you lose those arguments you risk losing your life and/or liberty; you are literally risking death or enslavement.

RTWT.  Ain't nobody coming to save us, people.  So what now?

Now we play some reggae!

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