06 May 2013

Yeah...it's like that.

On tyranny:

Antitrust laws are only one example of Progressive tyranny; Prohibition, which made criminals rich and established a permanent criminal organization, is another example. Fortunately, the insanity of trying to legislate beverage choices eventually became so obvious that it was repealed. A rare blow struck for freedom; one wishes that the present Mayor of New York City had studied history. However, the repeal of Federal prohibition kicked off the next attempts at Progressive 'improvement.'

Enter the current war on drugs. Started in 1914 with the Pure Food and Drug Act, in the aftermath of the repeal of alcohol prohibition the authorities began to expand and aggressively enforce the prohibition of "dangerous drugs" (what are those, exactly? Aspirin? Tylenol? Antibiotics? By what principle are such things defined?) This aggressive enforcement hasn't done much to decrease drug use, but we have succeeded in enriching murderous thugs by creating legal barriers to entry for recreational substances and provided an endless source of employment for tens of thousands of 'law enforcement' officers.

We have created a system which provides massive financial incentives for the drug cartels to create, import and sell the most addictive substances that they can to whomever they can attract. Usually the young. Then there are the infringements upon our Constitutionally guaranteed rights, which have largely eviscerated that protection against arbitrary police power. I'm told by law enforcement acquaintances involved in the drug war that the inflation adjusted price of most recreational substances has been steady or decreased over the last couple of decades, so if your goal is reduction of drug use and the protection of the young from the predatory efforts of the local illegal drug dealer (and you DO have a local illegal drug dealer, regardless of where you live,) then the 'War on Drugs' has been lost. 


There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of examples I could cite and I could go on in this vein for thousands of pages, but the point is that the ultimate result of 'Progressive' legislation is a totalitarian police state. Is that your goal? Is that what you want the future to look like?

What is the only legitimate function of government? To protect the rights of the individual. If the government not only fails to act to protect our rights, but acts to destroy them, is that government legitimate? Do you want to continue the progress of these presently united States towards totalitarian tyranny?

What is to be done? This, gentle reader, is up to you. I can show you the path back to liberty, but only you can walk it.

RTWT.  It's freedom or it ain't.


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