05 May 2013

Why should we trust you?

The gun-grabbers don't understand why we basically aren't talking to them any more.  Because you can't 'coexist' with people who view you as less than human, and want to destroy you and everything you stand for.

Gun people don’t trust anti-gun people because they seek to punish us for crimes we didn’t commit. We don’t trust anti-gunners because we know that the 100 million of us are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who love this country and our society as much as the next liberal. Yet when one previously convicted felon murders someone with a stolen gun five days after his release from prison, or things like the Newtown shooting happen, guns are blamed — and therefore lawful gun owners too, as there is guilt by association, apparently.

Gun people don’t trust anti-gun people because when things like the Boston Marathon bombing happen, everyone correctly blames the bomber, not the bomb. Nobody is calling for bomb control because killing people with bombs is already illegal — just like killing people with guns is illegal too.

Gun people don’t trust anti-gun people because they’re fine with guns protecting the money in our banks, our politicians and our celebrities, but they’re against us using guns to protect ourselves, our families, or even our children in schools. Legislative trolls like Dianne Feinstein cry havoc about me protecting my life, while standing comfortably behind armed guards —and the .38 Special revolver she got a California carry permit for. We don’t trust anti-gunners because they tell us our lives aren’t important, or at least are less important than the life of some celebrity like Snooki, who can have all the armed guards her bank account can afford.

RTWT.  Seriously, this article encapsulates every single reason I can think of, why we're no longer trying to explain reality to a group of obvious mental defectives. 

There just ain't no more to say, except this:  For this particle-by-particle breakdown, Barry Snell is the 13th-ever recipient of the W&PO Award For Extreme Cleverness.   May God bless and guide you in your future endeavors, sir!

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