12 May 2013

Nothing to see here, move along.

I'm certain that this was an innocent mistake by low-level employees and is a total aberration and will totally never happen again and it never even happened in the first place and SHUT UP YOU TEABAGGER NAZI.

The video below describes an experience that would be expected in a police state.

When national security expert Julia Davis informed the FBI that 23 people from Islamic terrorist countries had crossed the U.S. border with Mexico without undergoing routine checks, she was labeled a “domestic terrorist” and subjected to harassment and imprisonment. Prior to her discovery, Davis had actually read a DHS alert cautioning that members of Al Qaeda were planning to penetrate the U.S. Understandably, she was greatly alarmed that a potential terrorist attack would be perpetrated as a result.

Following her report on the breach of U.S. security, Ms. Davis’ home was raided with a Black Hawk helicopter and a 27-man SWAT team and she became the subject of 54 government investigations.

Yeah.  But there's no agenda here or anything.  Just go back to your football game or reality TV and put your trust in Big SSister.  Ignorance is Strength!!*

(The irony of her name being 'Julia' has not gone unnoticed.  Those who haven't read 1984, should.)

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