28 May 2013

Spot. On.

Angry White Dude just laid it down for you

Here’s the deal black people beholden to the excuse of slavery. I don’t like the fact that there was slavery in America any more than you do. But it wasn’t me and it wasn’t you. Wasn’t my parents nor yours. Nor our grandparents or even great-grandparents. In fact, my family never owned slaves nor did 95+% of Americans who lived during that time. If blacks are able to blame their problems on slavery, then AWD should be able to blame all my problems on the English King Edward Longshanks who stole and enslaved the lands of my Irish forefathers. Yeah, that’s it! The English are holding me down!

There’s two reasons we still hear about slavery every day in America. 1. There’s money in it. Professional race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and numerous black preachers join a legion of professional liberal, black ‘journalists’ to propagate victim-status among the black community. These race-baiters are much more dangerous to blacks than white people ever could be. These evils teach those who listen that the “system is against them” and they cannot make it without massive government support. The race-baiters excuse bad black behavior that would never be tolerated by other races in society. The lessons learned by young blacks at an early age from the race-baiters is they can never be successful because of slavery and white people and they will never be held responsible for their actions. What a horrible message to teach a child! It chains them to the slave plantation of hatred and dependence.

What race-baiters should teach black children is anyone can become successful in America by hard work, education and by making quality life decisions. Black children should be taught that dropping out of school, having illegitimate children at early ages, joining gangs, committing violent acts, etc will almost guarantee a life of poverty. These are the lessons responsible parents of all races teach their children. America offers black children more advantages than any other country in the world. Yet, they are taught by ‘leaders’ in their community that they are victims of slavery.

RTWT.  I can add nothing more than I've already said on the subject.

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