15 July 2010

The gauntlet is thrown

VERY powerful piece from The Post & Email calling out Obama and the Supreme Court.

Based on my daily monitoring of events to insure the safety of the Constitution, I can only imagine you might have noticed that our government has been seized by Communists and other progressives, the Constitution has been totally ignored, Congress and everyone in the regime are violating their oaths of office, and, from what I can tell, bouncing off the walls with bribes and illegal deals that are being funded by “we” the taxpayers. It would seem that conflicts of interest abound and are the rule as opposed to the exception.

This rogue “administration” is being run by what I believe is an Islamic fundamentalist…you know, we used to call those guys “terrorists,” that is, until the main terrorist himself, “with the help of his friends,” seized control and dumbed up the terms used to describe our enemies.

Read the whole thing, including the official Criminal Complaint of Treason at the bottom.

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