08 July 2010


The horrors of the Nazi (National Socialist German Workers' Party) regime have become indelibly printed upon our cultural memory, as well they should.

But the atrocities of Socialism did not begin and end with the Third Reich, as Laylow has taken pains to remind us.

It isn't Naziism, Jihadism, Communism, Socialism or Marxism by name that we must fear. These are all simply names for the ultimate evil: Collectivism.

Collectivism is just as its name implies: the celebration of the collective over the individual. Ruminate very carefully over the certain consequences of this philosophy. When the group is all, you are nothing. And if you're one of the eggs that needs to be broken in order to make the Utopian Omelette--oh, well.

What's that? You believe in The Cause? You work tirelessly for the Socialist Ideal, and they'd never do that to you?

There's a lot of ghosts out there who are beating their heads against the veil between the worlds, frantically trying to warn you of your eventual fate. If you study history with an open mind, you may hear their screams. If you do, perhaps they will not have died in vain.

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