09 July 2010


Many people in this country call themselves "Christians." But when you look at their actions, it's pretty obvious that no few of them skipped over those parts of the Bible concerned with forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and all that stuff.

Then there are those who clearly read the whole thing.
We must realize that if we divide over these issues and treat our brothers and sisters in Christ poorly, the world looks upon us and wants nothing to do with Christ. Thus we stain the holy name of God.

All you "Christians" who align yourself more with the Westboro Baptist Church than the Marin Foundation might want to consider the completely opposite tactics of these organizations. Now, if your goal is to spread the Gospel, which do you think is the more effective way to bring people to Christ?

In the spirit of solidarity with peaceful people, I'd also like to say "I'm sorry." In my younger days, I had no respect for faith or those who followed it, and I said some very vile and hurtful things to folks who didn't deserve them.

Thankfully, I've since discovered that there's a significant difference between "Atheist" and "Asshole."

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