20 July 2010

God to racists: "F.U."

This case has genetic experts pulling their hair out and reaching for a stiff drink: A Nigerian couple has a blue-eyed, blond-haired White baby!

This seems to contravene everything we know about genetics. Both the girl's mother and father are 100% Black, and there seems to be no evidence that anyone in their ancestry ever mixed with White people. Yet, here is little Nmachi, who is definitely not an albino--just a healthy baby girl who appears normal in every way, except for the puzzling circumstances of her birth.

Everyone should take some time out of their lives to contemplate this, and decide whether 'racial identity' is really so damned important. We're all human, folks, and if this doesn't inspire you to live up to the dream of Dr. King, I'm afraid there's no hope for you.

Happy birthday, Nmachi.

(For His next trick, God sends a Black baby to a Klanswoman in West Virginia. Hilarity ensues.)

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