22 July 2010

The peaceful and tolerant Left

I happened upon this story today, concerning a strange phenomenon taking place in Brazil--hundreds of dead penguins, their stomachs empty, have washed up on the beach. I'm greatly saddened, because I love penguins. Hopefully, the cause of their demise will be found soon.

Browsing through the comments, I encountered the usual expressions of dismay, smartassery and the all-too-predictable "ITS GLOBAL WARMING WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!!one11one!" Then I found one that puts the Leftist mindset into perfect perspective:

"Having worked with the general public for about 12 years now I have come to a simple conclusion. I am fine with some kind of mass extinction event in the near future. I dont mind dying as long as most of you zombies die too. Drill Baby Drill, I heard there's oil in the center of the earth let's drill baby. If I was to ever run into Palin, alone, there would be no more Palin."

First off, "Pablo" might wish to be a little more circumspect about threatening a public figure, lest some guys in black suits show up on his doorstep for a little chat. (And I believe Sarah would end up kicking his tough-talking ass up and down the block...then she'd pray for him.) But take a look at the rest of the comment. This guy hates humanity. He welcomes mass extinctions of human beings, which he terms 'zombies,' and is even willing to sacrifice his own life if lots and lots of other people die in the process.

Now, granted, one comment by one dickhead does not a movement make. But when you examine the Left--particularly the environazis--closely, in the light of this person's statements, it's pretty obvious he's far from alone.

The Left, as I've been slowly realizing for years now, is based on hate. They hate people in general. They hate themselves for existing. They really hate those of us who strive to better ourselves, who achieve great things, who believe in the exceptionalism and heroic potential of all mankind. For all their propaganda about how much they 'care,' they're consumed with rage, bitterness and self-loathing. How else do you explain their hysterical, rabid attacks against anyone who advocates freedom and liberty? Their alliance with an intolerant, murderous sociopolitical system disguised as a religion? Their elevation of the 'rights' of everything from animals to plants to dirt above the welfare of humankind?

Evil rarely announces itself openly. It wraps itself in platitudes of 'justice,' 'tolerance,' 'peace' and other feel-good terms, else it would be rejected before it could spread. But good intentions mean nothing when the end result is destruction. I will close with a quote from Ayn Rand which sums up the entire mentality of the Left in three lines.

"They do not want to have your fortune--they want you to lose it. They do not wish to succeed--they want you to fail. They do not want to live--they want you to die."

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