14 July 2010

The tsunami continues to rise...

The Warrior of the Midnight Sun posts her take on the NAACP's resolution. Insightful and articulate as always, and including a hearty endorsement of Tim Scott, South Carolina's 1st District Congressional candidate. How can you not love this woman?

Well, if you're a bitter, hate-corroded Oppressive Progressive, you probably don't like her too much. She reminds you of all the things you could have been, done and accomplished had you spent your life building yourself up instead of tearing others down. She gets things done, you make excuses. And every time you swing at her, she comes back stronger.

Perhaps, instead of your continued attacks(which are about as effective as attempting to dig to Australia with a teaspoon), you might wish to let go of your hate and follow the example Sarah sets--one of strength, humility, positivity and tenaciousness. It's never too late to change your life.

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