28 July 2010

HillBuzz gives us a lesson in honor

HillBuzz has been covering a nasty scandal in the IL GOP for the past couple of weeks. It's at the point where even the Leftist blogs are picking up the story. They story itself has been well-covered already, and that's not where I'm going with this.

In this piece, the Boyz wax eloquent about Pat Brady, the IL GOP State Chair. Mr. Brady and his wife reached out to the Boyz on the eve of HRC's destruction and was instrumental in forging the independent, all-inclusive alliance of Americans we now know as HillBuzz. He is very, very dear to the Boyz, but...

While we’ll never be Republicans, because the corruption in the Cook County GOP is just as bad as in the Democrat ranks, so we feel more comfortable being independents at this point, HillBuzz has evolved into what it is today, with all of you as daily readers, because of the overtures the Bradys made to us way back in the spring of 2008.

We’d give kidneys to these people if they needed them. We love them, and are so grateful to them, and are so inspired by them.

BUT, Pat Brady needs to do the right thing regarding Lee Roupas...Pat Brady needs to fire Lee Roupas.

If he won’t, then we need to cross the uncrossable bridge and start advocating for someone to fire Pat Brady and replace him with someone who WILL clean house in Cook County, get rid of Roupas and the other “Romney Guys” frat boys stinking up the place, and prove to the voters of Illinois that there really is a choice to be made in this state: either vote for the corrupt, revolting Democrat party or vote for a party that’s about cleaning up the mess in Illinois and doing the right thing.

If Pat Brady fails to act by the end of this week, then we know he’s not serious about giving voters that choice.

It will break our hearts, and highly disillusion us, but we’ll have to start calling for Brady’s removal at that point.

That, my friends, is TRUE HONOR. When politics and personal feelings are overruled by the concepts of right and wrong. It's something we've lost as a nation, and need to regain post haste if America is going to survive. HillBuzz, as I mentioned in one of my first posts, shook up my world, turned me around, and made me become a true American again.

This is one of the reasons why.

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