29 July 2010

What happened to you, Mr. President?

A couple of commenters (where else? On HillBuzz) got me to thinking today.

Poster 1: One other thing – has he EVER displayed a pleasant face in his speeches? It is always this dour look, look of scorn, hatred. I keep thinking that this is some nightmare and that one day, I will wake up from it and be relieved that it was only a bad dream…

Poster 2: I was just going to concur with Chrissy’s general take on these specific speeches/facial expressions…I noticed it at the time and, as usual, didn’t think to “make a big deal of it” because “we’re supposed to be nice”….so I love what she did here. But then I read your comment, I realize, y’know what? YOU ARE RIGHT! This is the way he ALWAYS looks! Dour! Sour! Full of scorn and bitterness. I can’t imagine living with such sourness filling my insides. This is not a person who EVER has a private chuckle with the family dog, talks to God about how beautiful the sunset is, tells a flower it is really, really beautiful today, or enjoys the arms of small child around his neck. He is just plain, 100% unpleasant. Yuck. I do believe he is dog poop on the bottom of America’s shoe.

It's true. Like all Leftists, Barack Obama is a very angry and bitter man. And I know about anger and bitterness. I carried a ton of it around for many years, and still struggle to get rid of it. And I know most, if not all of the reasons why. Coming to terms with those reasons is part of the healing process.

And now I ask: What evils have befallen you, Mr. Obama? At whose hands have you suffered so much, and so cruelly, that you would destroy the greatest nation on Earth in an act of revenge on life in general? Have you even one iota of your soul left untouched by cynicism and sullen hatred, or have you simply given up on the entire idea of redemption?

Likely, our President wouldn't read this even if I sneaked it onto a teleprompter. Introspection is scary. And the more damage your anger has caused, the more frightening it is to analyze your actions and take responsibility for them. I'm not putting much hope in a sudden epiphany occurring at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, or, for that matter, anywhere on Capitol Hill. But, today, the epiphany was mine. I realized something.

I do not hate Barack Obama.

I hate his policies. I despise his continued efforts to undermine our traditions, our economy, our national security...efforts, indeed, to unravel the very fabric of our great Republic. I loathe his offhand dismissal of the will of the American people. I can't wait until noon on 1/20/13--it can't get here fast enough.

But I do not hate Barack Obama.

I pity him.

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