21 July 2010

Shut up, Eeyore.

I had occasion to listen to the Rusty Humphries show the other night. Like most Talk Radio hosts, I agree with much of what he says and disagree with a few points.

A caller from Arizona opined that Jim Deakin really made an impression on him during the debates for the GOP primary. Mr. Humphries responded, "I've never even heard of this guy. If you vote for him, you might as well just give the nomination to John McCain."

On HillBuzz, this is known as the Eeyore Mentality. "Don't bother voting for anyone who actually stands for something. They can't win. You're throwing your vote away. You'll just be getting the Other Guy elected."

ENOUGH!!! This is exactly the mentality that gives us DeceptiCons like Hayworth and McCain time and time again, and I, for one, am not going to fall for it any more.

First off, Mr. Humphries...you live in the People's Socialist Republic of Kalifornia. Since you're not eligible to vote in Arizona, I don't really give a damn whether or not you've 'heard of' Jim Deakin.

Secondly, although I will give the nod to your experience in political analysis, this is far from a typical situation. In November of 2010, all bets are off. The electorate is awake, aware and informed like never before in the history of this great nation. This is the year of upsets, dark-horse candidates and substance over spin. About the only thing you can take for granted this year is that the Democrats will be stomped like a Klansman in Compton.

My fellow Arizonans, it's very simple. If you want another DeceptiCon practicing politics as usual, just flip a coin for McCain or Hayworth. If you want a real live Constitutional Conservative to represent the Great State of Arizona, then tell the Eeyores where to stuff it.

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  1. I had this same discussion with my stepfather the other night, he's a good man, a solid rock rib Rush conservative and he's convinced that withholding a vote from any leading GOP candidate is akin to committing national political suicide.

    He's afraid of not backing the machine he's come to loath, worried that worse fates will befall the nation if the ticket is split and the democrats win as a result.

    He fails to see this compromise as part and parcel of the reason we're currently served by malfeasant republicans who answer to the elite's best interests, not ours and most certainly not the nations.

    Getting old school republicans to see the light is going to be an uphill battle, the brainwashing has taken a deep hold.


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