30 July 2010

Why the economy still sucks

Here we are in Obama's much-touted "Summer of Recovery," where those flying unicorns are going to be crapping Skittles on us any day now. They'd have been in the air sooner, but they were held up at the airport since the TSA didn't know how to remove horseshoes.

If you can call "not yet screaming into the abyss at Ludicrous Speed" a "recovery," then I'm forced to admit the term is technically correct. These are positive numbers, not negative, so I guess that's something.

2009 - Q3: 1.6%
2009 - Q4: 5.0%
2010 - Q1: 3.7%
2010 - Q2: 2.4%

(Anyone notice that we seem to have peaked in Q4 of '09?)
How do the first 4 quarters of economic growth during the Obama Recovery compare, for example, to the first four quarters of economic growth during the Reagan Recovery? The economy grew at 8.1%, 9.3%, 8.1%, and 8.5%, respectively. Why such a dramatic difference? Obama is hostile to business, Reagan supported business. Obama is taking over industries, Reagan deregulated them. Obama has huge tax increases planned, Reagan cut taxes.

None of this is complicated. Obama has no idea what he's doing and seems hell-bent on following the failed Keynesian policies that have worked so "well" in Greece.

RTWT at Conservatives 4 Palin.

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