01 February 2013

A noteworthy comment


The Constitution is just 6 pages.

You dont become a “Constitutional Scholar” investing so much time at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, unless you’re looking for ways AROUND IT.

And their roadblock has always been three words.

Forbidden words to yet pass willfully through their mouths, OR admit require erasure, for any of their theories to stand.

“shall not be”

They can be adhered to, or ignored.

Followed or violated.

But there is no possible COMPROMISE, that can allow them to still “be”.

And they know this.

What they seek then, is to ignore and violate without CONSEQUENCE.

And to do so, they depend on others buying into their supposed “honest ignorance”, as the means to achieve it BLAMELESLY, for the sake of their Ego.

--Root '83

(HT Joe)

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