10 February 2013

The bare facts

Gunslinger has just made TIPB.  Because this:

And there will always be some troublesome people who are just ruining it for everybody else. Who just won't go along. Who are dissenters and disrupters. Enemies of the peace. Enemies of the people. Enemies of the collective and their dreams of Utopia.

And for the dream to survive and come to fruition, such people must be eliminated.

It's the law of the nature of Progressives.

RTWT.  Seriously, read the most succinct and insightful analysis of the Lib/ Prog/ Socialist/ Communist/ Fascist/ Whatever-They-Are-This-Week mindset it has ever been my privilege to read.  If you can read this and still not understand what we're facing, I don't know how else to get it through.

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