05 February 2013

An interesting concept...

...and one that should be spread around.

The idea was to run a series of high profile training events. Somewhat similar to gun shows, but on some land that an owner could provide use of. The idea would be to get hundreds to turn up, run some seminars, training and perhaps a little bit of live firing, depending on facilities, numbers and safety requirements. There would be some sort of notional entrance fee, like at a gun show. I use the example of the running event 'tough mudder' where throughout the year they run events on land in different States. The land we use does not even have to be a range- for practical purposes it may be easier to run most training dry, to teach people principles and small unit tactics. That would also help with ammunition shortages and even peoples travel if they did not need to bring firearms.

Now, I realize that there would be limited actual utility to such training, because there would be large numbers and perhaps a limited amount of trainers. There would need to be a coordination training conference to establish SOPs and TTPs for how people would be taught It would be production line training with limited utility, not bespoke personal tuition. Perhaps there could be some paintball areas set up, or similar? These are just outline ideas. It could be termed a 'tactical fair!'

However, the point would be to make a showing, establish relationships, get a basic level of training. Those that have experience or a greater skill level could be part of a 'train the trainer' program and once standards are established people could be given a baseline level of training. At least it would iron out any misguided notions.

Now, I am fully aware, as are some of MV's commenters, that some people--in particular, the media--will go absolutely screaming pink apeshit and start squalling about Nazis and White Supremacists and the usual catalog of lies and invective hurled at Patriots whenever more than two of us gather to do anything more active than have a couple of beers and watch a sporting event.  However, you have to realize that it simply does not matter.

Are we prone to violence?  No.  Are we racists?  No.  Are we intolerant?  No.  Do we have small penises?  Not being in the habit of looking in my friends' shorts, I can't say, but I will stand by my assertion that my wife has more balls than a whole coffeehouse full of Progressives.

None of this has ever, or will ever stop the Left from calling us a bunch of racist, violent, intolerant maniacs with little ding-dongs.  Do you get it?  They're going to hate us, they're going to fear us, and they're going to slander us no matter what we do or don't do.  It's all the defense they have.  It's all they know how to do.

The facts do not matter to these people.  Stop acting like they do.  Stop wringing your hands about what they'll say about us.  Stop walking on eggshells in a vain attempt to make them be reasonable or treat us with the slightest amount of courtesy, respect or fairness.

In short, stop acting like a bunch of damn Republicans and get to work.

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