14 February 2013

The alleged Leftist mind

I've had the germ of this brewing in my head for a while now, but Captain Capitalism nailed it.

Your average leftist isn't curing cancer, building empires, starting an accounting career, or developing a trade. They're "raising awareness" or "engaging communities" or "helping the children" or leading some bullshit crusade. Whatever euphemistic titles and jargon they use to describe their "careers," in the end they're just masking the fact they're literally doing nothing with their lives. ie-their lives are worthless and thus they are worthless people.

Since deep down inside they know they are worthless and their lives have no meaning, they put "leftism/socialism/communism" at the core of their being. As Rush Limbaugh says, "being a liberal is the easiest thing" in that you just have to "claim" you care and vote to use OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY to finance your compassion. Ergo, if you ever GENUINELY, INTELLIGENTLY, LOGICALLY and DISPASSIONATELY constructively criticize of question a liberal's ideology they get emotional, enraged and angry (I remember the only people who cried on my radio show were liberals). This isn't because they really care about the poor children in Africa. It's because you are shining light on the fact they are a worthless person who does nothing, has done nothing, will continue to do nothing, and thus waste their lives.

The final result of such thorough brainwashing, insecurity, laziness, and a predisposition to naivety, results in a veritable zombie impervious to reason, logic and rationale. No matter the preponderance of evidence, they simply ignore reality and retreat to their circularly referenced and supported ideology, blame the rich, blame conspiracies and (presumably to their deaths) blame "Bush." You no doubt have ran into this where you can cite data on the internet from a reputable source, PROVING a leftist is wrong, but they (like the dismembered knight in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail) will never admit defeat and continue to subscribe to their now-false beliefs.

I hadn't gotten around to thinking about it in this measure of detail, but I find no fault in his logic.  RTWT.

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