05 February 2013

The absolute last word on 'racist America'

Warning:  Profanity as only a veteran can come up with.

And all this African American achievement came only several decades after Jim Crow… after discrimination… and a relatively short time after slavery ended.

We have made tremendous progress in a relatively short time. We serve alongside one another in the armed forces and work side-by-side in the civilian world.

And yet, this pathetic drama queen had the nerve to belittle this progress… to minimize our achievements… to disparage this country as racist and evil in order to promote African American victimhood!

My only complaint is with the whole term "African American."  Are you from Africa?  Are your parents from Africa?  No?  Then you're an American.  Whether you're Black, Brown Yellow, Red or White is irrelevant.  And if you don't want to be an American, feel free to piss off.

Otherwise, Nicki has it dead on.  RTWT.

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