11 February 2013

Denninger on Dorner


It is exactly this rabbit hole that I have repeatedly warned of -- when the so-called "law enforcers" are free to break the law without punishment, whether it be through "gun-walking", money laundering or blatantly assaulting and killing innocent people (as, you remember, occurred in Detroit) there comes a point where the people will not only refuse to assist but will turn on the government and its visible agents and edifices along with the infrastructure that it, and we all, depend.

Heads up folks -- one guy provoked this "response" among the so-called "public servants" that believe they're entitled not only to fraudulently-promised and extorted pensions but that they're also entitled to shoot citizens without consequence.

This is a loud, clear warning that exactly the nightmare scenario that I have repeatedly cautioned against and urged the people and our government to stand up and put a stop to has become uncomfortably close to realization.


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