28 February 2013

Sikhs != Muslims

Not everyone wearing cloth headgear is to be feared.  BNI explains the differences here.

turban_sikhSIKH MEN commonly wear a peaked turban that serves partly to cover their long hair, which is never cut out of respect for God’s creation. Devout Sikhs also do not cut their beards, so many Sikh men comb out their facial hair and then twist and tuck it up into their turbans along with the hair from their heads. Sikhism originated in northern India and Pakistan in the 15th century and is one of the youngest of the world’s monotheistic religions. There are an estimated 18 million Sikhs in the world, with some 2 million spread throughout North America, Western Europe and the former British colonies.

Sikhs are brave, decent, honorable, hardworking people, and they were fighting Islamic terrorism since before we knew what it was.  These are folks I'd be glad to have in my corner any day.

Don't be ignorant--that's the domain of Proglodytes.  Learn the difference!

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