07 February 2013



As we mentioned before, inflation is insidious, deceitful, corrosive to societies and life. It will destroy what the common citizen has worked for all their life. Forget about government and pension checks not being sent out… we believe they will continue to be dispersed until the ‘cows come home.’ But when these checks won’t buy the basic necessities of life… the check may as well not be issued.

The time is approaching that our American Dollar will become confetti. As we explain in “A Failure of Civility” …the BRICS nations, (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)… the top Gross National Product generating countries of the world, excluding Europe, Japan and America… have already jumped ship on the American dollar.

In May of 2012… FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 110 YEARS… they are trading between themselves with their own currencies pegged to a gold index. They are divesting themselves of American dollars and U.S. Treasury Bonds. They know that the American dollar… known for more than a century as the safest currency in the world… is headed for failure.

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