04 February 2013

Great point...

Why are the gun-grabbers losing?

Irrationality, plain and simple.

We know this kind of stupidity in schools is nothing new. Zero tolerance has been possibly the dumbest application of Social Engineering since 1994 and it gives a shinning example of why the Gun Grabbing community will always lose the battle for Gun Control among the Regular Folk. If you cannot differentiate between a picture from a real thing, maybe you are not the best person to tell anybody what might be good for them.

--Miguel at Gun Free Zone

Emphasis mine.  I couldn't agree more.  These people are completely insane.  The fact that America has devolved so far as to even produce cowardly morons like this, let alone entrust them with our children, is sickening to the extreme.

Only problem is, the whole 'logic and reason' thing doesn't enter into it as far as they're concerned.  It's all about feeling safe.  And history has proven, time and again, that an ignorant, irrational, easily-frightened populace will do some very ugly things in the pursuit of imaginary security.

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  1. Politicians really don't care, as long as they get votes. The media, in their progressive stupor, are pushing gun control. My solution to this problem is to remove any armed security from their workplace and tell them they're responsible for their own protection and security agencies aren't an acceptable alternative, unless they pay with their own funds.

    That, and refusing to watch any of the alphabet networks.


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