01 February 2013

Listen up, children.

An honorable Peace Officer has a lesson for you.  Pay attention.

Not only were the police minutes away, they were seconds away. Just outside the courtroom door, if I don't miss my guess.

What's the count, Gentle Readers? One grandmother hammered into a wall and five? Six? Eight good punches on the ex-girlfriend?

And that's in the middle of a courthouse full of cops.

RTWT.  That's how your Gun Free Zones really work.  Even with the odds stacked entirely in favor of your side of the argument, you still end up proven horribly wrong.  They offer no protection for the innocent.  They do nothing but empower those who are prepared to be ruthless.   They.  Are.  Evil.  And if you lobby in any way for the disarmament of the law-abiding, so are you.

"How you wish things to be" and "how things are" are two entirely different concepts, separated now and forever by an impenetrable wall of Reality.  Get that through your head.

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