18 January 2011

Another lie I'm tired of hearing

"I've got nothing against Sarah Palin, but she's too young and doesn't have enough experience."


Elected to Wasilla City Council in 1992, 530-310.  Re-elected in 1995, 413-185.

Elected Mayor of Wasilla in 1996, 651-440.  Re-elected in 1999, 909-292.  Also elected President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors in 1999.

From 2003-2004, chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in addition to holding the title of Ethics Supervisor.  Exposed rampant corruption in AOGCC.

From 2003-mid- 2005, served as one of three directors of "Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.," a group designed to provide political training for Republican women in Alaska.

From 2006-2009, Alaska's youngest and first female Governor.

In 2008, the Republican VP nominee.

Since 2009, Sarah Palin has become an internationally-known political celebrity, television star and news commentator, with most of the country--and a good chunk of the world--hanging on her every word on Twitter, FOX or Facebook.  Her political career is now old enough to vote, itself.

So, what exactly did the current guy do of any importance?  Well, we may never know, since his personal records are apparently under more security than our classified documents.  But I'm certain that whatever it was, it was very impressive.

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