13 January 2011

We need a new word.

Maybe it exists, and I'm unaware of it.  I'm looking for a single word that defines the most absolutely brutal, factual, in-your-face analysis of a given person and/or situation.  Like the term "down to brass tacks," combined with "owned," and encapsulated in a word or two.


All these vermin are the same, and they're uninteresting and unworthy in the same way. Their "brand differentiation," if you will, is their mystique of being "evil."

I'm saying no. No mystique. You are destructive, stupid, illiterate fat chubby loser. And you acted out like a piece of bad machinery did, with a lot of noise and confusion and some deaths; but we pay you no more mind than that machinery we now bury. You don't change our worldview.

You don't have that power. You're nothing.

Now, there are some killers who I suppose might be interesting in some morbid way but I'm telling the truth when I note this one is decidedly not. He's just a pathetic, angry retarded boy who didn't get the medication he needed.


Loughner set out to teach the world something. All he taught us was what we already knew: subliterate losers get angry at their predicament and we need to crate them off to safe places before they explode like cretin-bombs.
RTWT.*  Can anyone capture the vibe of this epic AoS post in a neat little verbal package?

(WARNING: Ace of Spades, F-bombs galore. Read it anyway.)


  1. On target, fire for effect, over.

  2. Incisive? Scathing? Withering? Maybe Ricky Bobby says it best: Oh yeah, that just happened.


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