22 January 2011

Uberpost from our favorite LEO

Today, Beat&Release is throwing down with a stereotypical 'I defend the downtrodden against racist pigs like you' Liberal, and kicking his ass quite handily so far.

(Profanity Warning)He had me at his warm-up paragraphs: 

Words of advice for some of you from a cold-war warrior and dedicated street fighter: The only thing keeping you down is the entitlement attitude ingrained in you since birth by your fifteen your old mama, your twenty-seven year old granny, your 40 year old great-granny and your 58 year old great-great granny.

I know I'm just another 'establishment whitey' with a lecture most don't want to hear and what I say will probably be discounted by many of the above described crowd, but we were poor. My father hauled ass when I was seven and didn't leave anything behind but the belt my mother used to beat us. My mother was on welfare and food stamps for a few months because my father didn't pay shit in the way of alimony or child support. Then she went out and got two jobs while she went to school to learn another. I worked in some form or another since I was ten years old. I still can't afford college, even in middle age. I may not have money in the bank or investments with gold coins dropping out of my ass; I may only live in a 1300 sq. foot home that is now crumbling around me, but I have worked hard for what I have, literally breaking my back to provide for my family in an honest, ethical and respectable fashion. I will be retiring soon, but will still have to work in order to provide for my family. So any excuses I hear about someone holding you back, or the world owes you some sort of reparations for shit that happened centuries before you were born simply fall on deaf ears. Confront me with that bullshit and I will tell you to shut the fuck up and man up. Keep your dick in your pants or your legs closed, take pride in yourself and at least put forth a sincere effort to contribute to the society whose teat you and yours have been suckling on for generations.

Oh, just to clarify before someone starts screaming 'racist' at me, the same sentiment goes for all you white trash, alcoholic, crack addicted, wife beaters with rotten teeth and disgusting meth sores all over your damn faces, too. I have a few of them in my family tree, but no matter. Maybe I am heartless and cynical, but if you can't participate and contribute to society, do all of us hard working folks a favor - grab a sharp blade and slice deeply from your wrists to your elbows and get the fuck out.
Seconded.  And thirded by Mrs. Wraith, whose childhood was eerily similar.  That's simply the inspirational message--RTWT to watch our hero pee in David's half-soy latte.

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  1. Thanks for the shout! Libs annoy me when they make idiotic claims and either fail to do the necessary follow-up research or simply ignore it when it doesn't fit their view.


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