25 January 2011

The point. They missed it. AGAIN.

We're in debt up to our eyeballs.  We have states facing bankruptcy.  We have an economy circling the drain.  We're being crushed under unlawful regulations issued by the bureaucracies of a rogue government.  Fortunately, the GOP knows exactly how to set priorities.

House conservatives say they will pursue legislation that would ban gay marriage in the nation’s capital.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC), told The Hill that he will push for a vote on the controversial issue in the 112th Congress. The RSC has 175 members.

I will not cuss...I will keep my temper...I will be calm and serene and ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??????  What on God's green Earth is WRONG with you bucketheads???  Of all the planks of the Conservative agenda, THIS is what you think we want done???  THIS is what you want to take time and energy to pursue???

Idiots.  Absolute morons.  You just.  Do.  Not.  Get.  It. 

Some people support gay marriage.  Some people oppose it.  I have always thought that the matter of marriage should be strictly between those involved, their church, and their God(s).  Even as a new Christian, I continue to think so.  No mortal authority is capable of truly knowing the will of the Lord, no matter how qualified they may believe themselves to be.

Tangent over.  Even the vast majority of those Americans who oppose gay marriage, realize that we have far more pressing issues to deal with.  They want a job.  They want a secure border.  They want economic stability.  They want liberty.  Gay marriage doesn't even make the list.

Stop screwing around with meaningless bullcrap and get to work.  Do I have to write it in crayon??

(HT Atomic Nerds)

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