22 January 2011

More on TJIC

Freedom, as I've stated many a time, means freedom for everybody.  Whether you agree with them or not.

On a personal level, I think that what TJIC posted--not to mention his timing--was, to say the least, ill-advised.  But if snarky comments regarding our elected officials are going to be seen as 'threats,' no matter how many leaps of logic are necessary to reach that conclusion, then we are all in deep trouble.  The first and foremost purpose of the First Amendment was to guarantee that we would be able to speak out against our government when we deemed it appropriate.  When the rights of one are curtailed, the rights of all will soon follow.

That's why I stand with TJIC...and so do many others of note.

We stand for liberty, or we do not. We support all speech as free from government retribution, or we support no freedom of speech. The Second Amendment is under fire in the wake of the tragedy in Tucson - and now, as evidenced by the actions taken against TJIC, so is the First Amendment. We don't have to like what TJIC said - in fact, we can loathe it with every fiber of our being - but we need to recognize that the government punishing a citizen for speaking their mind is dead-set against everything this country stands for. Distasteful does not equal illegal. One does not need to agree with the speech involved to support the freedom of the speaker to say it.
RTWT.  It's called 'principle.'

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