27 January 2011

We told you so...

One of the biggest talking points the Left clings to, is how we all bought up a crapload of guns and ammo when Obummer was declared the winner of the '08 elections.  "Look at you paranoid lunatics," they said.  "You were all wound up over absolutely nothing!  The Obama administration hasn't even looked crosswise at your guns in all this time!"

AHEM.  Go ahead and read the link.  It's not some right-wing source, it's your favorite Leftist standby, good old NewsWeak.  Then tell us again how paranoid we are.

Seems like Conservative predictions are spot-on at least 85-90% of the time.  How about the predictions of  Liberal "experts?"

"If we let people carry guns, rivers of blood will run in the streets!!"  FAIL.

"We're entering another ice age warming the planet!!"  DOUBLE FAIL.

"We're overpopulating the Earth!  We're all gonna die!"  FAIL.

"Communism is the future!  The USSR will eventually dominate the Earth!"  FAIL.

"But communism can still work--Cuba will show us the way!"  FAIL.

Seriously, I could do this all day long.  Now, none of us are perfect.  Everyone's bound to be wrong once in a while.  But if you're wrong pretty much all the time, you are not an "expert."  You are what's known as an "idiot."  Perhaps the problem is simply your misunderstanding of the correct terminology.

Isn't it amazing how us dumbass redneck hicks can figure out the logical consequences of current events, and the Ivy-League enlightened intellectual Left falls on its ass whenever it tries to predict anything at all?  It's almost like they aren't nearly as intelligent as they like to think they are.  (headscratch)

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