25 January 2011

The New Conservative Battle Plan

LSM vs. America.  It's on.

The Left had been dreaming for more than a year of an opportunity such as Tucson, and it seized it. It couldn’t help itself. Leftism is a savage religion constituted of fear, grievance, rage, moral vanity and social superiority. And it is currently very scared.

Intoxicated with power for the last two years, in a race to “transform” the country before the actual radicalization caught up with the citizens it holds in such contempt, the Left has driven us all to the brink of financial ruin and national demoralization. Routed in the recent midterm elections, and envisioning more grim prospects for the Senate in 2012, it understands its moment of existential peril, chiefly represented by the invincibly joyful warrior Sarah Palin, and the tea party movement – the redoubtable grassroots insurgency that threatens the entire enterprise of Statism.

Bankrupt of new ideas, and incapable of adaptation or compromise, what is left to the Left? There is only scorched earth. Ruin and calumny are its only hopes. Only by razing the foundations of civic life and liberal capitalism in America, and eviscerating its stewards, does the Left stand a chance.

The wilding of lies in the aftermath of Tucson proved it.

The article is long, but well worth reading.  It'll put things into perspective...kinda like a SOTU Address would if we had a real President.

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  1. Considering how intolerant conservatism is as an ideology (considering the conservative theocracies of Iran and Saudi Arabia and the conservative Nationalist regimes that started World War II) it is the rest of society that has to worry about you. Considering your amoral opportunistic ca-pittle-ist philosophy I am not surprised you are trying to turn this into a profit like 9/11, religion and everything else you pirates like to trumpet on about about so you can rob people while they are distracted.


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