13 January 2011

The results of a sheltered life

I once knew a girl whose father was very successful.

On her 16th birthday, she was given a classic '69 Camaro SS.  She totaled it.  It was replaced with a brand new Camaro IROC.  Totaled.  Next came a new Mustang 5.0.  She never checked the oil and ended up smoking the engine.  Last I knew, she'd been given a mint '71 Challenger.  I don't want to know how long it took her to destroy it.

It was the same story with anything of value she had.  She never earned a dime, never worked a day in her life.  Whatever she wanted, she just got.  And whatever she got was eventually ruined and replaced.  What did she care?

Welcome to the mentality of far too many government officials.  Not only in DC, but particularly in the states of California, New York and Illinois.  They don't have to curb their spending.  They don't have to manage their budgets.  They don't have to care at all--if they run out of money, they'll just steal more!  Woo hoo!!

They've been conditioned to think this way because they've never had to face the consequences of their actions.  The time has come to stop shetering these spoiled children, and the way to do that is to cut them off.  No bailouts, no aid, no nothing.  They will learn to manage their affairs wisely, or they'll find themselves with a tax base of zero, since anyone capable of producing wealth will flee as they're squeezed closer and closer to the point of death.

Yes, this is harsh.  It is also necessary.  Not only to show the failure of these states' policies once and for all, but to give DC a little reminder:  No one is 'too big to fail.'  Not a person, not a company, not a state...

...and not a country.  This is a lesson in reality that we are running out of time to learn.

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